And it goes a little something like this…

Somewhere between the North Atlantic and the Caribbean, something stirred…

Make no mistake, I’m no writer (apart from back in the glory days when I wrote and illustrated my own books, roughly between the years of 5 and 9 and mostly based around horses), but I thought that whilst I try and desperately figure out what I will do next, that a rough diary following two people trying to build a life in the tropics might make for some interesting reading and, if not, potentially a good laugh at their expense.

The people: let’s call them Dan and Sooze.

The place: The easternmost isle of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies; Barbados.

A brief(ish), bordering on slightly tedious, explanation as to the title of the blog and the blog itself.

In an ideal world, I would have gone with ‘Notes from a Small Island’, but I can’t be troubled with (nor afford) a potential suing from Bill Bryson. I played around with a few titles, most of them pretty cringe worthy, though there were a couple of gems. I thought that ‘Desert island whisks’ (or Desert island Bisque’s for a particularly specialised show in the range) would make good for a cookery blog. Sadly for me that wouldn’t hold up much given that my primary repertoire comprises of Ginger Cake and Treacle and Honey soda bread. Neither of which use whisks. Or Bisques.

Further thinking resolved that traditional word play was out of the window as I only had 6 months to think of a name, so for a laugh I would instead venture down a more cryptic naming route. This coupled with my reasoning that if you are going to inhabit a place you should at the very least know where the hell it is, would lead me to NOTEs from 1310.

13°10 north of the equator, is one part of the geographical location of Barbados (I didn’t need the other bit to make the blog title work so I decided to trim some fat). Having never really moved on from not having thought up ‘Notes from a Small Island’ myself, I noticed that the acronym for north of the equator would read as NOTE. From that all I needed to do was to stick an ‘s’ on the end of NOTE and there you have it, one better than Bill surely. He got ‘Small Island’ which although maybe slightly more romantic and dreamy, was quite simply too much of a generalisation for me. A small island? That could be anywhere, dear Bill. I, instead, have given the precise topographical location.

There was a good 15/20 mins of self-congratulatory after that, which wasted yet more time. However, given that like me in the 35° heat, the actual blog could wilt and die pretty easily, so it seemed fair enough to really celebrate that one piece of work.

The blog itself, well who knows how that will really take form, but the general premise will have it follow the lives of two milky-white, slightly broke (after other recent travels), ditching the rat race of London and starting a life together in the tropics. It will be an insight into our Bajan community and general life in Barbados. My volunteering at the Hope animal shelter, other community projects and the ultimate goal: to create a business that allows us to work remotely. Forever.

If it fails, well I just spent 6 months in paradise, so you know, I think I’ll be ok…A bit more broke. A lot more burnt. But ok.


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