To do, or not to do. That is the question:

The honeymoon was our first visit to Barbados and, for me, the furthest that I had ever travelled. Well, it’s at least 1 hour extra travel on the only other flight I have made: New York… Mental! A passion for transatlantic travel, you say? Heavens, no. I hate flying, transatlantic or otherwise. Sadly it turns out that all the places I am drawn to are only accessible by crossing vast oceans/seas. That’s what happens when you hail from an island, I guess.

The honeymoon itself comprised of 3 heady weeks of reckless spending, heat stroke and a fair bit of liver damage bought on by complimentary champagne in the morning and masses of Rum in the evening (decisions which can be credited to the mornings champagne), ultimately accumulating in a massive financial (and pretty physical) hangover. All in all, it was outrageously good fun. At least at one point in your life (if not more like me and on a daily basis), I highly recommend spending it like you’ve got it. Amongst the over indulgence and thrill of it all we met and made some really good friends, and they became one of the primary reasons for choosing Barbados as the place to test out a bit of remote working.

If I wasn’t so aware of my own predictability at failing to do anything other than write an archetypal bucket list, whilst completely waning to complete a single item on it, I would almost definitely do one. It would amorously list all the things that I would passionately strive to achieve whilst in Barbados, swearing solemnly and unrepentantly to complete each one without hesitation. Though, just like numerous previous penned bucket lists, it would become nothing more than a graveyard list of things that I would never do, somehow appearing half achieved because I thought them up and wrote them down. I used to write to do lists for even the most menial of tasks and tick them off before completing them because, in my somewhat confused mind, I had it assumed that if I thought of something to do, I would automatically complete it… It was only when working closely with a good friend, who generously spent her time helping me create to do lists, that I was asked why I had ticked off items needing to be completed as completed, and I started to wonder just whether or not I had quite got the hang of to do lists.

To be honest there are lots of things that I would love to do on this island, but ultimately there is only one thing that will create the experience that bought us back here; the Barbadian’s, their culture, their lifestyle, along with figuring out how the hell anyone can live on such an expensive island without resorting to Chefette every night.

So that’s it really. I’m not looking to change anyone, save anything, do anything ground breaking, and there will be no romantic bucket lists. I have thought about this for a few days, because it’s important to remember the reasons for living somewhere and ultimately for us it was the people and the lifestyle.

So here goes nothing, and everything…



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