After flogging our Facebook Development company last year, and deciding to take a step back from the day to day management of our other company, my husband and I decided to flee the UK winter in pursuit of sunnier climates for a well deserved (?) few months off and to mull over our next project.

We first visited Barbados last year for our honeymoon and, like most, were utterly blown away by the breath-taking beauty of it all. However, the one thing that truly stood out for us and the reason for choosing to return was the Bajans, their culture and their lifestyle.

After having lived in London for nearly 10 years, working head down and hard to maintain a decent standard of living in a very competitive city, the honeymoon gave the chance to come up for air and in doing so, we witnessed a completely different culture that greatly influenced how we wanted to live and work.

After reading several books focused on working remotely and leading ‘a life of adventure and purpose,’ (including Tim Ferris’ – The Four Hour Work Week and The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau) we decided to emigrate for 6 winter months to Barbados to put their theories to the test. We took a hammer to the piggy bank, packed our bags and headed off with the goal of starting up a small, low cost business that would afford us to work anywhere we wanted to be with only the need for a wifi connection.

It isn’t about making millions, which is good as the odds of that happening are tremendously low, but rather about making enough to survive within an environment and lifestyle of desire, anywhere in the world. At the very least, should nothing come of it, it will be a small breather by the wayside that is the rat race of life.

The blog is a small account of our settling in and life on the island and if you fancy following our mini adventures, not forgetting the not-to-be-missed opportunity to discover the hidden meaning behind the blogs cryptic name (and it could well be the best bit of the whole thing…), it’s all right here.

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